Top 5 Must-Have Winter Accessories

With the weather changing and the snow starting to fall, I’ve decided to compile a list of the top 5 must-have winter accessories, to help you prepare for this dreadful cold season.

1) Beanie 


The first winter accessory is the beanie hat. Although they won’t keep you warm like a tuke will, they will look fab with any outfit and give you a cozy, warm look overall.

2) Chunky Scarf 


Every girl will def need a chunky knitted scarf to keep her warm! The nice thing is you have a lot of options with colour and style in this category. I personally prefer the classic style versus the one-piece wrap scarf, but it really depends on your style and outfit.

3) Combat Boots or Chic Rain boots 


Boots are a must, no questions asked. But a trend that carried on from last year is the combat boot. Finding a nice pair of lace-up and buckle accented boot is key for this season. We’ve also seen to rise of a “chic” rain boot (if that’s even possible…), which is great if you’re looking for comfort and style.

4) Tech-Savy Gloves 


We’re seeing them everywhere; these simple gloves with tip sensitive fingers. These gloves allow you to text all your bffs while waiting at the bus stop, which makes them a must-have winter accessory.

5) Faux Fur Collar 


Finally, the last piece to the puzzle is a faux fur collar. Adding a piece like this to your closet for the winter season is key because they can turn the simplest outfit into something fashionable, cute and super cozy!


Beanie: Forever 21 $8.80, Scarf: Zara $35.90, Combat Boots: Steve Madden $99.95, Gloves: American Eagle $15.83, Fur Collar: H&M $16.99.


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