Fashion Tip: Easy Steps to Painless Heels!!


I know what you’re thinking… did I really just use the words painless and heels in the same sentence?

I’m letting you all in on a little tip I use for making all my heels as comfy as can be, it’s a little weird but it works!

When you buy a new pair of shoes (this trick doesn’t apply to only heels), they’re painful and annoying to break in, but instead of wearing thick socks all day with your new shoes, save yourself the pain and effort by following these steps:

1) Throw your heels in the freezer for 24 hours. (boxed or unboxed..doesn’t matter)

2) Wear them, with socks for about 2-3 hours.

3) Enjoy your super comfy and customized shoes!!!

Yes ladies, it is that simple. By freezing the shoe then wearing them, it allows the shoe to form based on the unique structure of your feet. Don’t be hesitant to try this, it really does work and if you’re worried about ruining your heels, try it on an older pair first and thank me later.


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