Gucci Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Gucci has always been know as a classy, sophisticated and timeless brand, so it goes without question that the pre-fall 2013 collection was jaw-dropping.

The pieces featured in this collection was breathtaking and had me in awe. Not because I was surprised, but because of the statements made through such simple and elegant pieces.

The edgy look stepped out of the spotlight, allowing the 50’s inspired silhouettes to come out. The use of old-fashioned and covered conservative style was still sexy and the colour palette added to the overall appeal of the collection.

The collection used a three-tone combo, made up of a turquoise, military/olive green and leopard print fabrics.

The second part of the collection incorporated black, red plaid and gold accents. Small clutches and accessories helped create the overall looks of these pieces.

There is no doubt that these looks will sell easy, sometimes fashion can be simple. Gucci proves that will this collection. The full collection can be viewed on I AM FASHION

What do you think? Would you wear these pieces?


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