OOTD: The Perfect Accessory

Some fashion gyals love to wear big statement jewellery all the time, everything from earrings to necklaces and of  course bangles.

I on the other hand like wearing smaller pieces that I’m in love with everyday. Although some outfits just call for big jewellery, I prefer my little tiffany’s and my gold necklace, which I never take it. (Side note: I’ve received a few questions about why I never take it off and what the necklace is, so I’ll do a full post about it soon).

Anyways, today I wore army green jeans, a white peplum silk top and a cashmere cardigan. Topped it all off with my combat boots and I was good to go for our cold weather in Toronto.

Take a look,


But what I loved most about today’s outfit was the ring I wore on my left hand. Here’s a closer look,


I got this beauty custom made with my name 2 summers ago in Lebanon. The two-finger ring became a huge hit in stores shortly after and luckily I had mine.

Although it was expensive, I think it is the perfect accessory for any outfit really.

Sweater: M by Mendocino, Top: GS, Pants: Stiches, Ring: Lebanon



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