OOTD: A little goes a long way

Picking the perfect everyday is exciting for most, but I sometimes feel like no matter how often I go shopping, I still have NOTHING to wear! This can be frustrating and annoying, especially at 6 in the morning.

A little touch can go far when it comes to outfits.


I’ve wore these jeans and black top many times, but I always find a new way to wear it. Introducing the causal beige vest…LOVE IT, it was the perfect little touch to maintain a pretty day look and change up the style a bit.

I topped off the outfit with these bracelets on my right hand,


Both 14K Gold from Lebanon. The classic plaque ones says “breathe”, which I got engraved years ago to help with my anxiety and remind me to always be thankful to be living another day.

The second diamond chain bracelet has gone through all five of my aunts before it was passed down to my mom (the youngest) and finally to me. I love them both and thought they finished off the outfit perfectly.

Vest: Esprit, Black Top: Denise, Jeans: Levis


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