Wedding Bells

Wedding season is upon us!  I can’t be the only one who goes to at least 3 weddings every summer…right?

I absolutely love weddings but finding three different dresses can get stressful. I’ve decided to create a simple guide to help you purchase the perfect dress. (or in my case, dresses!)

1) First thing first you need to determine how close you are the bride and groom. If you aren’t family or really close friends, I would suggest avoiding long formal gowns.

2) In the case you feel like the wedding is super fancy and a gown is appropriate, try wearing a gown with limited to no detailing and solid colours.

Now let’s move away from long dresses.

I find it ideal to wear shorter dresses to summer weddings, but I’m also a little old-fashioned and like to remain conservative when it comes to length. My rule is the dress should be between mid-thigh and above the knee.

3) When shopping for a shorter dress you have two options, either a one-tone dress that you will personally dress up with heels and accessories or a print dress that is fun and flirty naturally.

And finally,

4) The Little Black Dress!! When all else fails and you can’t find anything you like, the LBD is the perfect choice.

Try finding a black dress that has something unique to it, if possible. I have a wedding come up in two weeks and found the perfect black dress from Calvin Klein. Make sure to check back to see that post coming up!!

Good luck shopping fashionistas!!



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