Back to school, back to basics.

The first day back is always the time to show off your summer tan, new clothes and toned figure! While some people stress, I decided to pick a basic, yet fashionable look. With that cool Canadian September wind starting to pick up, I wanted to squeeze in one more dress before the summer really ended.

Today I wore this flowy black silk dress, with a leather braided belt and a jeans jacket. Kept all jewellery simple and threw on a pair of sandals. My signature red nail polish dolled up the look a little as well.

Comfortable, “studious” and as always, chic, today’s outfit was perfect for the start of my 4th year university experience. (even though I’d much rather be at NYFW right now)

What did you wear on your first day of school? Comment or send in your pictures to girlincoutre@gmail.com

Jeans jacket: Mendocino, Dress: Guess, Sandals: Payless ($30, and they’ve lasted me 2 summers!!!), Belt: Costa Blanca




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