“The Warrior Princess” Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Tanushree Pande, a local fashion designer who is building her brand from scratch. She is the designer and creature of her own shop called The Poplyn Boutique. She has led an interesting life and travelled long distances to get to where she is now. Her multi-cultural background inspires her creations each season and it is evident to see with her use of fabrics, colour and patterns.

Take a look at her latest collection,

From Tanushree herself, “The Fall/Winter 2013 collection is inspired by Folklore with influences from mythological war stories. Some of the characteristics of this collection would be the juxtaposition of different fabrics and silhouettes to create looks that stand out and a play with metallics, studs and texture creating more depth in the garments. A lot of pieces can be mixed and matched together to create different looks.”

Fun Fact: ‘Poplyn’ derived from the cotton fabric ‘Poplin’ represents her love for the pure, simple ways fashion gets affected by the vast cultural presence.

Like what you see? Check out Tanushree’s website, The Poplyn Boutique and follow her updates on Twitter @_POPLYN

I can’t wait to see this young and unique designer take over the Toronto Fashion Week runway very soon!


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