Statement Earrings: The Chicest Way to Accessorize this Season

Statement earrings are making their way into the summer trends for 2015. Much like statement necklaces, they require little effort but make a huge impact to an outfit.

Ribbet collage

We’ve all got the whole statement necklace figured out by now, but after seeing statement earrings on the runways of top designers Dolce &, Gabbana, Versace, and Chanel, just to name a few, it’s time we get the low down on how to wear this latest trend. Earrings can turn just about any outfit into a high-end posh and sophisticated look. Follow this link for the full article and all the tips on,

Let me know what you think and share how you wear your statement earrings!!


How to Wear Fall’s Hottest Trend, Houndstooth!

Don’t you just love when trends stick around from previous seasons? One pattern I’m extremely happy to see taking over store displays everywhere is houndstooth. Find out how to wear it this season below.

In early reference, Houndstooth, which may also be referred to as dogstooth, is a duotone textile pattern that consists of broken check marks and abstract shapes. The overall look, which is often in black and white. The pattern was introduced by a fashion clothier from New York in 1885.


This pattern is one that has been wore and recognized in the fashion industry for years and often linked to the classy designs of Chanel and the designer’s houndstooth printed dresses and suits. Not only does this print offer you a secure feeling of elegance but it also looks great on just about everyone! Unlike stripes, this pattern accents a women’s figure.



While some shoppers are resistant to trying on a new pattern, houndstooth should not be added to that list. The pattern almost looks like an optical illusion, which helps to make it look amazing on every body type.

Head over to TOOVIA now to read more from this article and learn how to wear houndstooth based on your body type.


DIY: Fashion-Forward Bedroom Decorations

I’ve recently gone into a splurge of redecorating and modifying my room. I decided to make three small changes that will make a major overall difference. ​ So, if you’re tired of being envious of everyone else’s photos on Instagram and Tumblr, then follow these easy do-it-yourself tips to make your bedroom scream fashionista.

Tip #1 – Flower Arrangement 

image (1)

Grab some of your best coffee table books that you’ve collected over the years and let’s put them to good use! I found this cute square vase and deep purple flowers(fake flowers) at the dollar store; simply arranged them into the bowl and instantly had a display worthy collection to put onto of my night table. This quick, easy and quick fix will go that extra mile and really make your room pop.


There’s two more tips waiting over at TOOVIA!!! 

Must-Have Bags in your 20s

Nothing makes an outfit more fashion forward than great shoes and an even better purse. As you transition into the next big chapter of your life, your fashion choices will change. These top five purses are essential pieces every girl in her twenty’s should have in her closet!

Busniess Birkin 











Your early twenty’s means you’ve finally finished school and are entering the business world and nothing says businesswoman better than a Hermés Birkin. Classy, structured and durable for those commutes to the city, this purse will make a statement and go great with any outfit. Although most people opt-out for a colourful Birkin, I’d stick to a more neutral colour, like brown, beige, black or white. Don’t worry, you’re only twenty-something, the next one you buy can be any colour you desire!

Everyday Tote

kate spade tote







So you’re in a hurry on a Saturday morning running all the errands you skipped out on during the week and you don’t need a purse with a lot of zippers and pockets slowing you down. An everyday tote is a must-have for all your busy days. The open concept and simplicity will make it easy to find everything you need without ruining that fresh manicure.

Classy Clutch

chanel clutch








The greatest thing about being in your twenty’s is the freedom without the heavy load of responsibility! It’s a time to have fun with your closest girlfriends and go on a lot of dates until you find “the one” (if that still exists). Nonetheless, you will always need a simple, yet classic clutch and what’s more chic than Chanel?

Want to see what else made the list? Check out my full article on Toovia now and let me know what you think! Do you agree with my choices!?


OOTN: Sleek Black and Gold Chains

Last night I got to see one of my childhood friends get married. It was a thrill to see her in a gorgeous white gown with the man of her dreams by her side.

I did a post a few weeks ago about wedding attire and how to pick the perfect dress. So now it’s time to share what I wore last night for this very special occasion.


Like I said before I always go for the classic look. I feel in love with this dress the moment I laid eyes on it. The cut fit perfectly but the best part of the dress was the gold-chain lining going down the sides.


Details are so important with black dresses, and nothing can beat a little black dress with gold chains! As for accessories; I wore my gold watch, a simple gold ring and my big chain necklace from Aldo.

I hit a major shoe dilemma before the wedding trying to decide if I should do open-toe or closed? Strappy heels or platforms?  I finally decided to go with my favourite Betsey Johnson heels.


The thin strap, gold botton and hot pink sole accented the dress perfectly.

Another important aspect of dressing for a wedding, or any night out for that matter, is the coat you wear over a beautiful outfit. Now I know you take it off the moment you get in and you think it doesn’t matter because no one is going to see you anyways, but it really does. Find a coat that will enhance and better your outfit. DON’T SETTLE !!


And finally, here is a shot of the couple during their first dance. CONGRATS! XO


Outfit Details;

Dress: Calvin Klein, Heels: Betsey Johnson, Jacket: Passed down from my mom’s closet, Clutch: Chanel, Necklace: Aldo

“Vogue On…” A Must Read Four Book Series

If you’re anything like me then you probably love collecting and reading coffee table books. I have been building my collection for years and so far, I must say I’m quite proud.

The last time I made a trip to the bookstore I picked up a four-book series from Vogue. Each individual book focuses on an amazing designer and highlights their life and road to succes. The four designers are, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and Elsa Schiaparelli.


I would highly recommend you pick up these books, they’re only $40 (CAN) and really well written.

It’s unbelievable how much you learn, even when you think you already know everything. These designers had such remarkable roads to success and left an undying impression on us fashionistas today!!