The Evolution of Toronto Fashion Brand, House of Poplyn.

From India, to South Africa, to Toronto; see how this designer’s story unfolds as she makes her mark in the Canadian fashion industry.





















Great fashion is derived from a fascinating life. A memorable design is what a designer strives for and the creative mind behind the House of Poplyn is just that.

Born in India, a country known for its colourful background and muti-cultural characteristics, Tanushree Pande, the designer and founder of the fashion label, Poplyn, was easily consumed by the fashion world and was inspired by the culture that surrounded her. With the heritage and charm of India instilled in her, Pande moved to South Africa, where she discovered more opportunities and absorbed the bold and beautiful influences.

Finally Pande gathered all that she had seen and settled in Toronto, Canada – a place booming with thirst for fashion and emerging designers. It was the perfect place for the House of Poplyn to become a reality.

Not only is Pande the mind and force behind the brand but she is also an avid illustrator, stylist and fashion writer.

House of Poplyn has seen great success over the years. The brand launched in August 2013 with a 10-piece women’s clothing line. In April 2014, Pande was chosen as one of the designers to participate at Arts & Fashion Week. The S/S 2014 collection called “RAILROAD” inspired by TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), was featured at the show, where the runway was transformed into a TTC subway with great props and music. This collection will be featured throughout this article.

To read more of this article and see more pictures head to TOOVIA now! 


W118 by Walter Baker


Ring the alarm because I’ve found a steaming hot collection by Walter Baker for this season. I’ve picked out some of my favourite looks, check them out:

Baker’s mix of media, cuts and fabric makes this line a must have. But let’s be honest, on top of all that, it’s that edgy, black and fierce essence the collection has that makes it drool-worthy! Perfectly crisp details and pop of colour are what differentiate this collection for the same repetitive stuff we’ve been seeing lately.

I’m extremely impressed and overly joyed by the genius of this collection. Safe to say all these items have made it to my want list. Make sure to check it out on Walter Baker’s Official Website now!


Andrew Marc: Noir Collection

An American brand straight out of New York City, that has me drooling over each piece in his latest sleek, sexy and edgy collection.

Marc mixed in some great designs and put leather to good use. The use of asymmetric lines, shoulder pads, bralettes and quitted jackets come together to create Noir,  a luxury sportswear collection.

The whole collection can be seen on the official website: Andrew Marc

The Resorts: Ralph Lauren

The last piece to the puzzle is the fabulous Ralph Lauren! An iconic brand with such classic and signature pieces.


The collection started with various ballet-inspired dance looks… tres chic!

Switch gears..


The RL we’re all used to. Beautiful all black looks, perfectly suited for a resort collection. So elegant and sexy; the choose of material, ranging from leather, silk and mesh was on point! Definitely considering adding looks 3 and 4 to my personal closet.

The Resorts: Michael Kors

For those who know me, this might be a surprise.. MK usually isn’t my style at all, but I LOVED this collection! The colour scheme, the class and structure of the looks, everything just screamed my name and captured my attention.


The first look I found adorable, something I’d totally wear and can be pulled off by nearly anyone.

If there’s one thing Michael Kors knows how to do really well, it would be playing with length. The brand can nearly make any dress look fabulous.

The last two looks I picked out because of my obsession for women pant suits. Fashionable women always resemble power and these two, all-white suits capture that idea. The black details on the first and the accessories on the second were the perfect finishing touch to both looks!

The Resorts: Lanvin

Mystery and glamour came together for Lanvin’s 2014 resort collection. We saw all different elements incorporated into one lookbook; the collection had dramatic dresses, fitted suits, detailed embroidery, bold jewellery, signature clutches and amazing colours.

I’ve created a gallery of my favourite 6 looks, check them out!

Definitely a gorgeous collection by Lanvin once again, who never disappoints!

The Resorts: Diesel Black Gold

Diesel’s 2014 collection was simple yet memorable, the colour scheme was great and the overall style of the collection resembles outfits I’d totally wear.


The all white look on the left was breathtaking!! A gorgeous cropped pant with the perfect length on the jacket! Structure was a prominent feature of the collection, every piece was tailored to hug the body of the model flawlessly.


As for these two looks, word cannot even begin to explain.. maybe it’s just my undying love for black and denim paired together, but the attention to detail while still creating a simple outfit was brilliant, especially in these two outfits.