Must-Have Winter Footwear

New season, new trends. Don’t get overwhelmed, just follow the tips in this article to find out what essential footwear you need for your winter collection.

1) Laced Combat Boots


Whether you picked up a fabulous pair last season or you want to treat yourself to newer pair, combat boots are a must for the winter season. They make the perfect shoe for a casual look and can easily be dressed up. While you can purchase brown or beige combat boots, I’d stick to the basic black, since you’ll get the most of them for the whole season. As for length, the under-the-knee combat boots went out of style last season, so stick to the ankle length we’re all used to.

2) Heeled Booties


This is an obvious one. The style is totally up to you; you can choose to wear a nubuck style or a classic round toe suede buckle up – but booties are a must for the season because they can be used to easily dress a look up without needed to throw on bulky jewellery. It’s an easy fix that will make a lasting impression.

There’s one more style, find out what it is by heading to TOOVIA now!


OOTD: The Bigger, The Better

I’m talking about sweater size, this season big cozy knit sweaters are definitely in. For once, us fashionistas don’t need to decided between warmth or style.

The nice thing about this winter season is the colour choices, we’re seeing a lot more colour than usual this year, which is great, but of course I always prefer the darker side of things.

Here’s the sweater I wore today,


I love this piece because it fits like a poncho but has sleeves!! Keeps me super warm and looks fab!


I finished off the look with lace-accented jeans and my combat boots.

What do you think of chunky sweaters in for the season?

Sweater: M by Mendocino, Jeans: GUESS, Boots: Stepss


Top 5 Must-Have Winter Accessories

With the weather changing and the snow starting to fall, I’ve decided to compile a list of the top 5 must-have winter accessories, to help you prepare for this dreadful cold season.

1) Beanie 


The first winter accessory is the beanie hat. Although they won’t keep you warm like a tuke will, they will look fab with any outfit and give you a cozy, warm look overall.

2) Chunky Scarf 


Every girl will def need a chunky knitted scarf to keep her warm! The nice thing is you have a lot of options with colour and style in this category. I personally prefer the classic style versus the one-piece wrap scarf, but it really depends on your style and outfit.

3) Combat Boots or Chic Rain boots 


Boots are a must, no questions asked. But a trend that carried on from last year is the combat boot. Finding a nice pair of lace-up and buckle accented boot is key for this season. We’ve also seen to rise of a “chic” rain boot (if that’s even possible…), which is great if you’re looking for comfort and style.

4) Tech-Savy Gloves 


We’re seeing them everywhere; these simple gloves with tip sensitive fingers. These gloves allow you to text all your bffs while waiting at the bus stop, which makes them a must-have winter accessory.

5) Faux Fur Collar 


Finally, the last piece to the puzzle is a faux fur collar. Adding a piece like this to your closet for the winter season is key because they can turn the simplest outfit into something fashionable, cute and super cozy!


Beanie: Forever 21 $8.80, Scarf: Zara $35.90, Combat Boots: Steve Madden $99.95, Gloves: American Eagle $15.83, Fur Collar: H&M $16.99.