How to Wear Fall’s Hottest Trend, Houndstooth!

Don’t you just love when trends stick around from previous seasons? One pattern I’m extremely happy to see taking over store displays everywhere is houndstooth. Find out how to wear it this season below.

In early reference, Houndstooth, which may also be referred to as dogstooth, is a duotone textile pattern that consists of broken check marks and abstract shapes. The overall look, which is often in black and white. The pattern was introduced by a fashion clothier from New York in 1885.


This pattern is one that has been wore and recognized in the fashion industry for years and often linked to the classy designs of Chanel and the designer’s houndstooth printed dresses and suits. Not only does this print offer you a secure feeling of elegance but it also looks great on just about everyone! Unlike stripes, this pattern accents a women’s figure.



While some shoppers are resistant to trying on a new pattern, houndstooth should not be added to that list. The pattern almost looks like an optical illusion, which helps to make it look amazing on every body type.

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Top Five Must-Have Nail Polish Hues for Fall

If you’re like any other girl, you love matching your nail polish to your outfit, mood and the season. Sometimes these three elements don’t match up and the world of fashion says you cannot wear hot pink nail polish in November. But, maybe, this list will work as a guide of the top colours you CAN wear for the upcoming season.

1. Naturally Nude




Nudes are always a good idea – especially during the transition into fall. Finding the right one can be tricky but it’s just a game of trial and error. No matter what skin tone you have, there’s a nude for you. My personal favourite is ‘Tickle My France-y’ from OPI.
2. Blood Red


Reds, like nudes, can be worn all year round. But with red, as the weather gets colder and the sun sets earlier, the shade of red darkens. The trickiest part of finding the perfect shade of blood red is not being misled by the colour it appears in the bottle! Try ‘Take me to Paris’ by OPI.
3. Over the Taupe
china glaze foie gras 2
Taupe is a great colour for fall – not too dark and not too light. It’s usually really easy to find a nice shade of taupe from all different companies. I love the way ‘Foie Gras’ by China Glaze dries!
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Fall-Fashion Lookbook: Day in the City

As promised, I’ve decided to create a lookbook of different fashion looks any girl can achieve. We’ve seen the everyday chic look and a night out with the ladies; up next is the fashionable way to spend a day in the city.

day in the city
















No secret here, the shirtdress is exactly what it sounds like! A dress, that fits like an oversized shirt – making it not only comfortable, but stylish!
This summer and curving into fall, these dresses came in all types and styles, and luckily they’re here to stay. The perfect shirtdress accents your body without forcing you to wear a push-up bra, uncomfortable undies, Spanx, or any other crazy gimmick us ladies buy into.

Not only is a dress like this great for a day out, but you can really handle anything the city throws at you (depending on what shoes you wear, but we’ll get to that a little later).

Finally, IF possible, the shirtdress you find will have pockets ! Because who doesn’t love pockets on a dress?

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Fall into Fall

With the summer nights getting chiller and chiller, we’re stretching to wear everything in our wardrobe before packing them away and bringing out chunky sweaters and combat boots. But, there are three signature pieces you could add to your closet now to help make that transition into fall easier!

Baggy knit cardigan


We’ve been seeing them everywhere…these amazingly comfortable, oversized cardigans. The knit design is not only breathable but makes these the perfect sweaters to throw over any outfit. So maybe you’re wearing it over a pair of white shorts now, but in a few months you can swap those shorts for a pair of jeans or cotton dress, either way, you now have a versatile piece for both seasons.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans

Jeans are always a good idea, but a great pair of boyfriend jeans is essential for the seasonal switch into fall. The greatest thing about a pair of boyfriend jeans is being able to roll them up during the day and then bring them back to full length as the weather gets colder (it’s amazing how those few inches of exposed skin can make a difference in body temperature).

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“The Warrior Princess” Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Tanushree Pande, a local fashion designer who is building her brand from scratch. She is the designer and creature of her own shop called The Poplyn Boutique. She has led an interesting life and travelled long distances to get to where she is now. Her multi-cultural background inspires her creations each season and it is evident to see with her use of fabrics, colour and patterns.

Take a look at her latest collection,

From Tanushree herself, “The Fall/Winter 2013 collection is inspired by Folklore with influences from mythological war stories. Some of the characteristics of this collection would be the juxtaposition of different fabrics and silhouettes to create looks that stand out and a play with metallics, studs and texture creating more depth in the garments. A lot of pieces can be mixed and matched together to create different looks.”

Fun Fact: ‘Poplyn’ derived from the cotton fabric ‘Poplin’ represents her love for the pure, simple ways fashion gets affected by the vast cultural presence.

Like what you see? Check out Tanushree’s website, The Poplyn Boutique and follow her updates on Twitter @_POPLYN

I can’t wait to see this young and unique designer take over the Toronto Fashion Week runway very soon!





My favourite season is upon us! Deep rich colours, knee-high boots, cardigans and infinity scarves! The best time to mix and match sensual colours and layer your favourite pieces on top of each other.

I love the look of a dark colour top underneath a lighter cardigan! I kept the look clean and simple by pairing it with a pair of jeans and a white infinity scarf! So easy, so warm and as comfy as it gets in terms of style!

Cardigan: Costa Blanca, Top: Zara, Jeans: True Religion, Scarf: Aldo

Tom Ford: The Fall Collection

Neiman Marcus has featured the full fall collection by Tom Ford, including shoes, handbags and sunglasses. All items are available for pre-order and of course are looking amazing! My list of wants has grown after seeing this collection!


This Nina utility hobo bag is perfect for the summer. The ivory/off-white colour, the zipper accents and the open top make it easy to use. Also available in Red and Black.


The Jennifer Trap Tote!! (YES PLEASE) Made entirely of calfskin and featuring Tom Ford’s signature gold hardware, this Red beauty is a key essential to any summer wardrobe.


Oh Mr.Ford… these Lizard skin, pointed-toe heels are perfection!! I cannot get over how beautiful and elegant these heels look. I’ll be drooling over them everyday until they’re in my closet!!

Make sure to check the rest of the collection online NM: Tom Ford Fall Collection