Mixing Metals: The Fashionable Way to Wear Gold and Silver Jewellery!

Look no further, here’s your guide to wearing all your favourite pieces of jewellery, regardless of the colour! Mixing metals is the new way to wear everything from rings to necklaces. So follow these easy tips to learn how.

The myth about mixing metals needs to come to an end. As we all know, trends come and go in the fashion world and the hottest fad in jewellery right now is wearing gold, silver and rose gold together. While the rumour used to be that mixing metals was tacky; when done right, these different coloured metals will accent an outfit rather than ruin it.

1. One “Major” Metal


The first step is choosing one colour as your “major” or dominant metal and allowing the rest to be used as accents.

If you love silver or white gold, and have the most of it in your collection, than choose that as a starting point. This way you’re comfortable with wearing what you already have and it’ll be easy to add some other colours on top of it.

Take the photo above for example, while all those silver bracelets look great together, swapping two of them for a yellow gold would be the perfect way to incorporate a different metal. It’s still evident that silver is dominant because of the colour of the watch. Bracelets and watches are the easiest and first step to take when beginning to mix metals.

2. Layered Necklaces













Wearing more than one necklace is a really simple and effortless way to mix metals. Just remember to keep it simple – the more delicate each necklace is, the nicer the overall look will be. Don’t wear statement necklaces together or necklaces with too many coloured gems and stones.

To find out the other ways to mix metals, check out the full article on TOOVIA now and tell me what you think!


OOTD: Hello Spring!

Warm weather is finally here and I couldn’t be happier. The dreadfully long winter here in Toronto has come to an end and it’s beginning to feel a lot like spring.

Last weekend I switched between seasonal wardrobes (never enough closet space for everything all year long) and dug up my spring/summer clothes. Needless to say, I NEED to go shopping for a few key essential pieces to add to my closet for this season but I’m so glad to finally be wearing bright colours, like I did yesterday. Check it out…


IMG_9171If you haven’t put two and two together, I love colour-blocking and gold accents! The whole green and pink combo might just be one of my favourites, I feel like they always look so classy together.


And maybe I haven’t gotten the memo about whether gold chain necklaces are in or out, but as long as I can find a chic outfit that works with it, I will continue wearing them; I love how quickly a thick gold chained necklace heightens a look overall.



With love always,

The Girl in Couture XO

Get this look…Green cardigan: Costa Blanca, Jeans: Urban Behaviour, Flats: Old Navy, Gold Necklace: Aldo

Photos by Robin Ghosh 



Back to Work

DSCF7375 DSCF7376

I’m hoping this post will make up for my inexcusable absence; the craziness of my university career wrapping up caught up with me. But now that I’m FINALLY done, be ready for some awesome and creative posts. I wore this outfit on my last day of school a few days ago. I’ve been trying to incorporate more and more colour into my look lately; this light blue basic t-shirt with a leather pocket accent caught my attention right away. I wore it will these black leggings and a denim black jacket. Gold accessories and leather boots… you know the drill.

DSCF7374 DSCF7373

Get this look… Jacket: H&M, T-Shirt: Club Monaco, Leggings: Zara, Boots: GUESS, Necklace: Aldo

Also, a special S/O to Robin Ghosh, best friend + photographer.

Last Minute Switch



The only thing better than a fashionista is having a best friend whose a bigger fashionista! I couldn’t help but rip this necklace off my main gyal Mursal today. Replaced my gold-plated shark tooth necklace for this beauty right here, which instantly gave the whole outfit a new feel.

I kept the rest of the look super casual and comfortable, trying to keep up with the change in weather! And can I just say that I LOVE what grey and gold look together (perfect match).

Cardigan: BCBG, Grey Top: Old Navy, Jeans: Levis, Necklace: Mursal’s Dresser!



Oh Canada!

For those of you who don’t know, Canada’s weather can be a little bi-polar and dressing accordingly can be hard!


Before leaving this morning I grabbed my favourite leather jacket from Mendocino, since the temperature was so low this morning. Little did I know crazy Canadian weather was going to shock me with a blast of humidity and heat!


I ended up taking off my leather coat and trying to remain cool in this maroon top from Zara.


Of course I couldn’t forget to accessorize with some gold and pearls (Girl in Couture style)!!!

Never Look Back




Today’s outfit featured this ‘Never look back’ tee, which I accented with a pair of neon yellow jeans, low-rise converses, a cardigan and some gold accessories. It’s always fun to dress up a simple t-shirt and make it stand out more! I love the saying on the top; to persevere and keep going straight for your goals and dreams!!

This ootd was comfortable and perfect for the season’s crazy weather!!

Cardigan: Costa Blanca, T-shirt: Winners, Jeans: GUESS, Shoes: Converse, Watch: Vintage R, Necklace and earrings: Aldo

Photo credit: Robin Ghosh




OOTD: On The Go

This summer I made it a goal of mine to find as many dresses with pockets as possible. I hate not having a place to put my phone or lipstick during hot summer errand-running days!

Here’s my favourite find so far,


Simple, chic and so easy to wear, I found this dress at Joe Fresh! Topped the look off with some gold and I was ready to tackle yet another busy day!

And a quick tip, choose a dress with pockets carefully!! If the pockets are in the wrong place, they will ruin your figure (especially once your phone is actually in it), make sure the angle and placement of the dress adds to the overall look you’re aiming for.