Fall-Fashion Lookbook: The Weekend Girl

You’re either already stressed from school and the assignments seem to just be piling up or you’re working that 9-5 and then some; regardless, this is a look fit for any girl trying to clear her head and have some fun on a weekend. Check it out below!

weekendBow Accented Blouse: Let’s face it, bows make everything instantly cuter. A blouse like this is the perfect look for an evening in the city. Sheer is great fabric to be wearing during the transition between seasons because of how light the material is, but if the nights are getting chilly then make sure to grab a sweater to throw over.

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Fall-Fashion Lookbook: Day in the City

As promised, I’ve decided to create a lookbook of different fashion looks any girl can achieve. We’ve seen the everyday chic look and a night out with the ladies; up next is the fashionable way to spend a day in the city.

day in the city
















No secret here, the shirtdress is exactly what it sounds like! A dress, that fits like an oversized shirt – making it not only comfortable, but stylish!
This summer and curving into fall, these dresses came in all types and styles, and luckily they’re here to stay. The perfect shirtdress accents your body without forcing you to wear a push-up bra, uncomfortable undies, Spanx, or any other crazy gimmick us ladies buy into.

Not only is a dress like this great for a day out, but you can really handle anything the city throws at you (depending on what shoes you wear, but we’ll get to that a little later).

Finally, IF possible, the shirtdress you find will have pockets ! Because who doesn’t love pockets on a dress?

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Prepare to fall in love.

Are you ready?

Hip and Bone is a Montreal based company with such a unique and simplistic vision for fashion. In July of 2013, designer Carlos Fogelman won the Mercedes-Benz Start Up Canadian Designer contest. His designs are slowing popping up and I’m loving them.

Such brilliance behind these designs, I’m obsessing over the clean look and attention to details, especially with the zippers in the men’s pants.

Male-focused, but no reason why a girl with style couldn’t spice up a pair of leather pants or croc-detailed fitted and make it her own. Take the challenge. These pieces are so versatile and easy-to-wear, especially with the cold season upon us.

Read more about the contest on The Province and Check out the official Hip and Bone website for the full Collection

Kickin’ it Old School



It doesn’t get any better than Tupac, a lyrical genius and artist from the 90s. Some old-school flare inspired today’s look.

Black jeans, rolled up with some combat boots, a black hoodie underneath my signature jeans jacket and completing the look was of course this great tank-top and my skull detailed, chain necklace!