Statement Earrings: The Chicest Way to Accessorize this Season

Statement earrings are making their way into the summer trends for 2015. Much like statement necklaces, they require little effort but make a huge impact to an outfit.

Ribbet collage

We’ve all got the whole statement necklace figured out by now, but after seeing statement earrings on the runways of top designers Dolce &, Gabbana, Versace, and Chanel, just to name a few, it’s time we get the low down on how to wear this latest trend. Earrings can turn just about any outfit into a high-end posh and sophisticated look. Follow this link for the full article and all the tips on,

Let me know what you think and share how you wear your statement earrings!!


The Resorts: Ralph Lauren

The last piece to the puzzle is the fabulous Ralph Lauren! An iconic brand with such classic and signature pieces.


The collection started with various ballet-inspired dance looks… tres chic!

Switch gears..


The RL we’re all used to. Beautiful all black looks, perfectly suited for a resort collection. So elegant and sexy; the choose of material, ranging from leather, silk and mesh was on point! Definitely considering adding looks 3 and 4 to my personal closet.

The Resorts: Michael Kors

For those who know me, this might be a surprise.. MK usually isn’t my style at all, but I LOVED this collection! The colour scheme, the class and structure of the looks, everything just screamed my name and captured my attention.


The first look I found adorable, something I’d totally wear and can be pulled off by nearly anyone.

If there’s one thing Michael Kors knows how to do really well, it would be playing with length. The brand can nearly make any dress look fabulous.

The last two looks I picked out because of my obsession for women pant suits. Fashionable women always resemble power and these two, all-white suits capture that idea. The black details on the first and the accessories on the second were the perfect finishing touch to both looks!

The Resorts: Lanvin

Mystery and glamour came together for Lanvin’s 2014 resort collection. We saw all different elements incorporated into one lookbook; the collection had dramatic dresses, fitted suits, detailed embroidery, bold jewellery, signature clutches and amazing colours.

I’ve created a gallery of my favourite 6 looks, check them out!

Definitely a gorgeous collection by Lanvin once again, who never disappoints!

The Resorts: DKNY

Forever classy and full of life.. this year’s DKNY collection was no different.


While some designers aim to constantly switch things up and try something new or edgy, Donna Karan always maintains such a respectable and classy element to her designs. Both of these looks are so well put together, elegant and classy.


I absolutely loved the one-shoulder designs featured in this collection. Definitely has a ‘Sex in the City’ vibe going on which was great. Gorgeous colours, great cut and super feminine.. The DKNY powerhouse strikes again this year.

The Resorts: Diesel Black Gold

Diesel’s 2014 collection was simple yet memorable, the colour scheme was great and the overall style of the collection resembles outfits I’d totally wear.


The all white look on the left was breathtaking!! A gorgeous cropped pant with the perfect length on the jacket! Structure was a prominent feature of the collection, every piece was tailored to hug the body of the model flawlessly.


As for these two looks, word cannot even begin to explain.. maybe it’s just my undying love for black and denim paired together, but the attention to detail while still creating a simple outfit was brilliant, especially in these two outfits.