About_MeFarah Abokhraibey is a recent journalism graduate with an undying love and appreciation for the written English word. Her passion lies in the fashion industry and has utilized her university career to build her journalism portfolio.

When she’s not caught up in the journalism world, Farah excels in Public Relations. She has developed her communication and business skills to be able to adapt to any situation the media industry has to offer.

In 2012, she launched her own fashion blog titled The Girl in Couture and has learned how to manage and distribute multiple articles a week. Her main focus is to bring the latest to her fellow fashionistas.

Additionally, after completing an internship at Rogers TV as producer’s assistant, Farah was offered the opportunity to host and produce her own fashion show, named The Girl in Couture, which airs on a weekly basis.




Header photo courtesy of Sergio Roque Photography


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